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Keith Minchin
Our Founding Face!

Keith is the photographer, author, and publisher of the Faces of Fredericton collection which was compiled during the '80s and published as a coffee table book in 1990. That collection of portraits and profiles marked the beginning of the evolution of Faces of Our World.

Keith's primary goal in creating Faces of Our World is to build an ever-growing collection of portraits and profiles that will become the one central place where people the world over can visit to meet those who have earned the pride and admiration of their communities.

His two book publishing efforts, Faces of Fredericton in 1990, and Fabulous Fredericton in 1995, were produced, in part, to benefit the local hospital foundation. Likewise, it is Keith's wish that hospital foundations and healthcare fundraising organizations around the world be given the opportunity to link from each sponsored profile in their area. This will provide a tool for them to use in communicating with their surrounding communities for their current and ongoing fundraising efforts.

Keith has worked as a professional photographer since the late '70s, and since 1982 has lived in the beautiful city of Fredericton, capital city of the province of New Brunswick, in Canada. Although his business involves supplying a broad range of photographic services, Keith intends to ensure that Faces of Our World grows throughout the rest of his career and for generations to come, creating an archive of fascinating, educational, and inspiring profiles of people who have made this world a better place to live.

Faces of Fredericton - Keith Minchin, Photographer
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Keith Minchin